Heimskringla Software


Software Products:

  • The Polyglot Radio Jock
    Radio Automation Software with Speech Support for Win32. 

  • Mp3Rec
    Record audio log (live audio input) direct to your hard disk in mp3 format. 

  • LevTrim
    Automatically adjust sound level, trim off silence and encode/decode one or several mp3 or wav files. Freeware!



Heimskringla Software is used by Radio Pirata 99.9 FM, Managua, Nicaragua, which is mp3-streaming 24/7 live over the Internet for the Earth's circle.


The word "heimskringla" is Icelandic for "The Earth's Circle" or "Around the World".
It is also the name of a literary work by Snorri Sturluson (1179 - 1241), Iceland,
about the oldest (mythological) history of the kings of Sweden and Norway,
going all the way back to Odin and Frey.