Level and Trim

by Heimskringla

Automatically adjust sound level to equal apparent sound level 
according to the ReplayGain specification and without clipping, 
trim off silence, fade in/out, and encode/decode one or several mp3 or wav files,
in single or batch mode.
Can be used with a regular Windows graphic interface, 
or it can be used on the command line,
or it can be used as a plug-in to Audiograbber.

You need Lame.exe (free download)

You also need the VB6 runtimes (free download)

For all versions of Windows (tested on 98/2000/XP)

LevTrim is Freeware

Download LevTrim (version 0.9.109, 2006-09-20, 40KB) 

Heimskringla Software is used by Radio Pirata 99.9 FM, Managua, Nicaragua