by Heimskringla

Record audiolog (live audio input) direct to your hard disk in mp3 format.

Record audio to your hard disk directly in mp3 format.

Many options available, such as:

  • only record when sound is present

  • record during a certain timeslot

  • delete older audio log files when disk space is running low

  • or files are older than a certain date

  • set duration of files in minutes

  • set bitrate, stereo/mono for the resulting mp3 file

  • etc.

Runs in the Windows GUI. All options can be set on the command line.

You need Lame.exe (free download)

You also need the VB6 runtimes (free download)

Still only for Windows 98.

Mp3Rec is freeware.

Download program (22KB)

Download source files (13KB)

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